0.8mm Pitch Female Header H3.1 Dual Row SMT Type


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Series No.: HC-FH931-02XXXXXXMUX01

Description: 0.8mm Female Header H3.1 Dual Row SMT

Position: 2x02P To 2x50P

Type:  SMT

Raw Material: PA6T

Contact Material: Phosphor Bronze

Package : PE Bag/ Tube /Tray /or Tape&Reel Packing


Free samples:10pcs within 1 weeks.


Rated Current:0.75AMP

Contact Resistance: 30 mΩ Max

Withstand Voltage:500V AC/DC

Insulation Resistance:1000mΩ Min

Operation Temperature: -40°c to +105°c

Max.Processing Temp: 240°c for 30-60 Seconds

260°c for 10 Seconds

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